ANNOUNCING  The UMass ISOC and Information Security Program

On behalf of President Caret, the campus Chancellors, and the University IT Steering Committee chaired by Chancellor Collins, your campus IT security office would like to raise further announce of the UMass Information Security Program and the UMass ISOC (Information Security Operations Center).

Every day, we are more and more interconnected with information, mobile devices, online services, and tools at work and at home.  This trend enables us to be more informed and productive day to day.  However, it also invites the risk of cyberattack threats, data breaches, theft, and abuse.  These issues make cybersecurity "one of our country's most important national security priorities" according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The UMass-wide INFORMATION SECURITY OPERATIONS CENTER (ISOC) is a bold and collaborative University initiative to further develop UMass information security partnerships and services across all campuses and the President's Office.  The UMASS INFORMATION SECURITY PROGRAM will aim to establish the UMass ISOC and implement shared services with the targeted goal to improve and support cybersecurity technologies, communications, and security processes that will further safeguard University assets and information.  The program is supported by the UMass Information Security Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees in December 2010 as the foundation for UMass information security processes and planning.

While program details become further defined, planned, and implemented University-wide, the UMass ISOC will seek to mature and improve the overall information security posture of the University by collaborating with campus information security teams and providing shared technology resources from the President's Office and the Amherst campus in support of four key service areas for all campuses:

  1. Cybersecurity Support and Operations

  2. Compliance, Risk Management, and Analytics

  3. Communications and Training

  4. Incident Response and Forensics

As the UMass Information Security program develops, please support the efforts of your campus information security teams, seek to further your awareness of cybersecurity and the UMass ISOC, and do your part to promote online security and to safeguard University information.  Together, we can sustain a safer and more resilient computing and information technology environment for UMass students, faculty, and staff.